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Khadija Foods Pvt Ltd is a leading FMCG company that manufactures spices and dietary supplementation products in Faisalabad. Founded in 2018, we have providing been traditional spices, blended masala, and food products all over Pakistan. With budget-friendly, high-quality, authentic products, our team has managed to set up an effective retailer network that imports our products to other continents. Our Company is approved by DAKKS, Govt. of Pakistan as well as registered with HALAAL (Renaissance Inspection & Certification Agency). Our huge knowledge in the spices industry has empowered us to become one of the most prominent manufacturers and exporters of spices. With our long-term expertise in this sector, we are serving the best products without compromising on quality or purity. Here are our brands!


To continue the legacy of the incredible taste of Pakistan, we offer a galore of authentic Indian spices – Basic, Blended, Specialty, Whole, and Powder!
All our products are hand-picked, triple sifted, and nicely blended in fully automated machines to uphold their quality, flavor, and richness.

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To spread the rich Pakistani heritage across the entire globe, we export our spices to various countries including the USA, UK, and the Middle East.

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We are a fast leading supplier of institutional packs of spices, mainly for wholesalers and HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterers) industry.
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The Must Have Spices


The Purest Pakistani Spices

Pakistani spices are savored and sought around the world from ancient times because of their culinary and medicinal significance. At Vasant Masala, we aim to offer authentic Pakistani spices and recreate the gourmet magic in every kitchen with their irresistible flavors and distinctive aromas. Made with the finest and purest ingredients, our spices and condiments lend a traditional taste to your meals. Our customers love us because of the quality we provide them! We only buy raw spices which are preserved naturally so that they are rich in nutritional value. Everything – sorting, cleaning, grinding, and packaging is done through ultra-modern machinery. For finely and evenly grinding the spices, we use Cool Grinding Technology which keeps the taste and flavor intact for a longer period of time.